His Youth

Escludere cose mediocri per fare spazio a cose grandi

Aldo Moro was born on September 23, 1916 in Maglie, near Lecce, in a lay, well-educated, lower middleclass family, the second of five children of Renato Moro and Fida Stinchi. A former teacher, his father was a school inspector of the Ministry of Public education. Moro was very close to his mother, a Calabrian woman with a strong religious feeling.

Moro attended the State school up to 1934, when he obtained his high school diploma in classical studies at the Liceo Classico «Archita» in Taranto, where the family had moved. During the secondary school, together with his older brother Alberto, he attended the Catholic Youth Club S. Francesco d’Assisi near the Convent of S. Pasquale dei frati minori: here young Moro’s faith gained the intimacy and thoughtfulness that never left him.